Henrik Brabrand, CEO of the global life science executive search firm - Albright Life Sciences - offers 5 employee retention strategies that will reduce attrition and increase retention rates in the Life Science industry.

Your competitors can copy almost everything you do – except your culture. Cultural habits and norms are powerful preservers of the status quo. Therefore, it is essential to analyze and understand the key cultural indicators in order to fully understand, and navigate, w...

“Succession is not a series of actions – it is a way to think about the business”.(1)

Succession planning is an integral part of the overall workforce planning within successful organizations. In 2014, the 1.000 biggest companies in Denmark (including family-owned compa...

A conversation with Henrik Brabrand, CEO of TRANSEARCH International (Denmark) on the “5 CXO must-have skills & achievements”

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How can you prevent yourself from failing in your new position? The answer onboarding – a concept designed to accelerate the transition of executives into their new roles and to improve the foundation for their short, medium-, and long-term success.

The book “Executive Onboarding – The Key to Successfully Onboarding Your New Position” is written by Henrik Brabrand, CEO of Albright Life Sciences© and explains the importance of executive onboarding and provides concrete tools and cases from the life science industry designed to help newly appointed executives to navigate  areas most critical to their success. Onboarding is as much about transitioning newly hired external executives into an organization (External Onboarding), as it is about transitioning existing executives from one role and/or leadership level to the next (Internal Onboarding). Companies that employ structured Internal- and external onboarding, enjoy higher leadership transition success rates as they more frequently are able to pass their leaders successfully through to new roles and career steps. When entering a new leadership role, you will have limited time to understand and learn to navigate within the complex dimensions of the organization, stakeholder expectations, and culture. This book will give you concrete tools and perspectives on how to make this transition.

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